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I have a 4th grader that doesn’t like learning in a conventional way (sitting down and doing the 3 R’s). How can I encourage learning over the summer in ways that may seem more like play?

Ms. Sharp’s Answer
• Encourage journal writing! Set aside a few minutes each day for her to do any type of writing she wants. I enjoy being outside when I write, so why not take a trip to the beach or park when it’s time to write? Younger children may choose to draw a picture first, and then write a few sentences about what’s happening in the picture.

• Conduct your own science experiments at home. It can be something as simple as planting a vegetable garden and logging one’s observations each day.

• If you live in LA, check out the Science Center and Natural History Museum. Trips like these can foster curiosity and excitement for your student.

• Card games are a great way to develop speed and accuracy in math. My students love to play Multiplication War
( Here is a link to a list of other card games you might want to try:( )

• Younger children may enjoy collecting and sorting objects such as rocks, seashells, etc. Sorting objects helps student develop their observation and patterning skills. These skills in turn help develop higher level thinking skills.

• Make special trips to the library. Allow your child to pick out any (age appropriate) story they’d like.

• You can create board games based on what your student has read together, or preform a Reader’s Theater using finger puppets based on the main characters from the story.