Hello! My name is Ro (I didn’t mean to make it rhyme). I live in Los Angeles and am semi-proud of that. I am married to a man I adore, Jeff, and we have a soon-to-be 14 year old son, JJ, who is a unique and downright lovely boy.

Someone (okay, it was my mother) recently told me that they don’t know why anyone would want to raise a child in L.A. due to the crime, congestion, and poor schools. So much of that is spot on, but I think that parenting is never free of concern, no matter where you live. From Compton to Caracas, Dakar to Des Moines, good parents try to make the best decisions possible for their children so that they have the best quality of life. I do agree that some cities offer a better quality of life. L.A. is a city that makes one have to work harder for it.

In addition to my family, I love traveling, movies, good food, DIY projects, and time with loved ones. I would say I love sleep, but I can never seem to get enough of that, so, alas, maybe it doesn’t love me. Hmm…I digress. Like most moms, I’m a juggler so I will also be sure to share any tips that have made my life easier in hopes that it will benefit yours, too.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog on Southern California living (minus the Cristal sipping) and the joys of parenting. Thank you for stopping by!



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